Maintenance Department

George Lux - Maintenance Director
946-2110 x102

The Greenburgh Housing Authority's Maintenance Department is Supervised by Mr. George Lux.

Mr. Lux has a team of 8 maintenance men: John Nemlich, Marcus Stokes, Timothy Forte, Rodney Perry, Luis Aviles, Horace Smith, Ora Beechum, Shawn Sanders

The Maintenace Department responds to work orders and emergencies promptly and efficiently.

Emergencies consist of an unhealthy or undrinkable water supply, gas leaks, broken or blocked sanitary line, failed heating system, hazardous electrical systems, exposure to toxic materials (lead based paints, asbestos) and broken windows.

The dedicated maintenance staff also perform snow removal and grounds maintenance.

The Maintenance Department has also implemented cycle-planned maintenace, which would cover tree removal ,pruning, painting of windows and some other door replacements, kitchen and bathroom renovations.

The Maintenance Department welcomes any comments or concerns you may have to help them better serve our residents.


Maintenance responsibilities include landscaping, apartment renovation, basic plumbing, electrician work, and general maintenance.