Facts About Us


What is the Greenburgh Housing Authority (GHA)?

The Greenburgh Housing Authority (GHA) is a Public Housing Authority operating in the Town of Greenburgh located in the central portion of Westchester County, New York. GHA provides decent and affordable housing in a safe and secure living environment for low and moderate-income residents. It is approximately 25 miles north of New York City.

GHA was created in 1952. The Housing Authority opened its first public housing development in 1961. This development funded by New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) was located in the Fairview section of town. In 1973, a second public housing development funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) was undertaken in six separate locations. There were three sites located in the incorporated areas(villages) of the town (Elmsford, Ardsley, Tarrytown) and three sites located in the unincorporated areas(Hartsdale-2, Fairview).

The GHA also administers a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program serving up to 303 families.

The GHA is a small housing authority. GHA's conventional public housing program has 246 apartments in seven (7) developments throughout the town. The GHA has employees serving about 2000 people.

Conventional Public Housing(Location and Sites)

  • Unincorporated Greenburgh has 4 developments.

Maple Ave, Oak Street and Beech Street/State Site - 131 apartments

Manhattan Avenue/Federal Site/Senior Housing - 30 apartments

Greenvale Circle/Federal Site - 15 apartments

North Washington Avenue/Federal Site - 15 apartments

  • Village of Tarrytown has 1 development.

Old White Plains Road/Federal Site - 15 apartments

  • Village of Elmsford has 1 development with 25 apartments.

Saw Mill River Road/Federal Site - 25 apartments

  • Village of Ardsley has 1 development.

Secor Road/Federal Site - 15 apartments

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

  • 120 Participating private landlords

  • Serving up to 303 families

The way it is today

The GHA is a small housing authority. GHA's conventional public housing program has 246 apartments in seven (7) developments throughout the town. The GHA has 14 employees serving about 2000 people.

How Affordable is public housing?

Families in the conventional and Section 8 programs pay no more than 30% of their family's income for rent. The rent difference is subsidized by HUD. The maximum allowable income for a family of four in conventional public housing is $$75,050 and for Section 8 it is $52,650 for a family of four.

  • Average monthly rent is $500.00.

How the selection process works? How long is a typical wait?

The Housing Division and the Section Eight Divisions create a waiting list after the latest sign up period. Applicants are ranked based on a series of preferences such as “Living and Working in the Town of Greenburgh “or “Living and Working in Westchester County”.

The Housing Division after preferences are applied, then ranks all applicants based on housing need such as a need for two bedroom or four bedroom.

As units become available the highest ranked candidates are contacted for “suitability”. This review process includes creditworthiness, criminal background check and past rental history.

Upon a successful “suitability” review an applicant will be offered an appropriate sized unit.

Based on the above factors along with an inability to predict vacancies, we are unable to predict waiting time.


I am in need of emergency housing. Can the Greenburgh Housing Authority help me?

Greenburgh Housing Authority does not provide emergency housing except in very limited areas, Individuals or families residing within the jurisdiction of the Housing Authority on the waiting list involuntarily displaced by government action or whose dwelling has been extensively damaged or destroyed and is uninhabitable as a result of fire, flood, natural disaster  and for which such action was not the result of neglect or intentional act of the applicant or member of the applicants household.  


It's more than just a place to live

GHA doesn't just provide a place to live, we offer a community environment in which residents actively participate in the decision making regarding quality of life issues. Management meets with residents on a monthly basis to hear concerns, listen to new ideas and plan future events. Annual programs run jointly by the Housing Authority and its resident civic association contribute to the sense of community and caring for others. Some of these programs are;

Family Day: An outdoor barbeque with food prepared by the residents. Entertainment provided by a Jazz band performing on the Town Showmobile, Children’s rides, Indoor Bingo for Seniors and Field Competition consisting of various athletic events. Attended by current and past residents of the Housing Authority.

Beautification Day: All day landscaping of the grounds by residents. Flowers are planted by families, Seniors and children. Housing Authority staff assist with mulching and flower bed preparation. Additional residents hold a cook out and a resident DJ plays music to make the day fun for all.

Sr. Luncheon: A Thanksgiving Luncheon with the food prepared by the residents for the Senior Population. Music and a guest speaker make the afternoon an uplifting experience for our seniors.

Additional programs held by the Housing Authority include a weekly afterschool program consisting of a homework study hour followed by a varied indoor outdoor recreation program, Halloween and Holiday Parties. Future plans include programs geared specifically to single-parents, seniors, substance abusers, and victims of domestic violence, among others.

GHA's structure consists of the following:


  1. The Board of Commissioners

  2. The Executive Officer

Board of Commissioners

There are 7 board members. 5 are appointed by the Town Board and the other 2 are elected by the residents. One from the State Program and the other from the Federal program. The Board is an autonomous body, however it is accountable to Federal (HUD) and State (DHCR) regulatory agencies.

The Board is responsible for policymaking decisions and supervision of the Executive Officers.

Executive Officer(s)

The Executive Officer is responsible for day to day operations for the sites.

The Greenburgh Housing Authority’s daily operations are carried out by a full time staff of fourteen. There are four departments, each department is headed a director. The departments are:

  1. Housing Management

  2. Section 8

  3. Finance

  4. Maintenance